SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ Solar Panel 113W Flush 2.0

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The SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ solar panel represents the latest technology available. This is reflected in both the astonishing yield per square metre and in the long service life compared to other solar panels. The cells in a Tough+ panel have an impressive efficiency of 23.7%. This means that they produce much more energy: on average 13% more than ever before the introduction of Tough+.

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The SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ 113W solar panel (TP113F) is equipped with the same superior materials previously developed by SUNBEAMsystem for the original Tough series. This offers a service life that is longer than on any other thin and lightweight solar panel. The anti-slip profile is not only practical for mounting on deck; it also catches more light when the sun is low. The dirt repellent properties contribute to a higher yield by keeping the panels clean.

Tough+ is only available with flat Flush 2.0 connection and is designed for screwless mounting. This means that assembled panels can be seamlessly integrated on any surface. The improved Flush 2.0 power cable is 30% flatter but has 25% more copper cross-section than its predecessor. All Tough+ models come with a double-sided adhesive layer for quick installation on curved surfaces (packed loose). Alternatively, we recommend a white kit such as Sikaflex 291 or Simson MSR CA.

All Tough+ Solar Panels and technical specifocations:

Art # Product Pmax Voc Isc Vmp Imp Gewicht Afmetingen Kabel Gaten
TP38F Tough+ 38W Flush 2.0 38W 23.6V 2.20A 17.6V 2.15A 0.7 kg 535 x 378 mm 2 m Nee
TP56F Tough+ 56W Flush 2.0 56W 24.0V 3.30A 17.6V 3.18A 1.0 kg 545 x 535 mm 2 m Nee
TP80F Tough+ 80W Flush 2.0 80W 24.0V 4.67A 17.6V 4.54 1.5 kg 778 x 540 mm 2 m Nee
TP113F Tough+ 113W Flush 2.0 113W 23.0V 6.62A 17.6V 6.42A 2.0 kg 1060 x 540 mm 2 m Nee

All Tough+ models are supplied in unit packaging with enclosed manual.


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