SUNBEAMsystem Nordic Solar Panel 50W Flush

159,00 incl. btw

SUNBEAMsystem’s new Nordic solar panels are designed to strike the perfect balance between innovation and price. The series builds on the reason SUNBEAMsystem was founded: the desire to enjoy solar power in the Scandinavian regions. Nordic offers compact but powerful solar panels with all the details tailored to the exacting marine conditions.

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All Nordic models are equipped with our unique cell layout for better performance in partial shade, only available from SUNBEAMsystem.

The Nordic models with Flush connection allow for superior integration on any surface. Equipped without screw holes for discreet, glued assembly. For installation, we recommend using white Sikaflex 291 or Simson MSR CA kit, or strong double-sided tape.

Art # Product Pmax Voc Isc Vmp Imp Gewicht Afmetingen Kabel Gaten
N50JB Nordic 50W Junction Box 50W 21.2V 3.05A 17.6V 2.84A 0.90 kg 555 x 535 mm 2 x 0.8m 4 x 6mm
N50F Nordic 50W Flush 50W 21.2V 3.05A 17.6V 2.84A 0.90 kg 555 x 535 mm 1.5 m Nee
N100F Nordic 100W Flush 100W 21.6V 5.97A 17.8V 5.62A 1.80 kg 1060 x 540 mm 1.5m Nee

*All Nordic models are made up of two groups of solar cells. This makes them perform better in partial shading.

**All Nordic models are supplied in unit packaging with enclosed manual.


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