Nautix A3 T.Speed antifouling 2,5L white

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Nautix A3T.SpeedTM is high-performance ablative antifouling with gliding-effect components recommended for sailing-, regatta-, and motor-boats with 30 knots maximum speed.

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Nautix A3 T.Speed antifouling is compatible with most other antifouling types of the market (in good condition). Its formulation brings very high level of protection against fouling and very smooth finishing.

The “T.SpeedTM” means super smooth friction free surface and reduces turbulence to increase speed or save fuel.

White and grey antifouling available.

Antifouling contains biocides Use antifouling products with care. Before use, read safety information on the label. Should only be wet sanded.

Other information :
Pack sizes : 0.75L / 2.5L
Thinner/Cleaner : DA
Suitable for high speed craft : Yes

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 x 25 x 25 cm


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