AMPS Lithium 100A battery

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The AMPS LifePO4 Lithium 100Ah battery on 12V has a built-in BMS and E-label. The batteries can be connected in series / parallel up to 48V and are approved for automotive applications (E-approved).

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We no longer need to explain the advantages of lithium batteries over conventional batteries. They are just better at every level and everyone wants them. However, installing lithium batteries in vehicles or boats was no easy task until now and required extensive expertise in order to avoid expensive damage. Lithium batteries have a specific charging and discharge curve.

For years, there has been a demand for a simple, easy solution to install lithium batteries in the automotive industry. And so also in commercial vehicles, motorhomes, caravans, military vehicles, police vehicles and ambulances.

However, until now, the charge voltage and charging current on board these vehicles have not been compatible with the requirements of the battery – and the new Euro 6+ vehicle engines with smart alternator technology have not made things any easier. Both elements could not be reconciled without a complex intermediate system that had to be connected to a BMS for the lithium battery. But that is now over. Today, there are lithium batteries with built-in BMS and automatic shut-off, protecting the lithium battery and the charging cell from extreme influences. A battery-to-battery charger is sufficient to supply the battery with the correct voltage and current without additional intermediate solutions from the vehicle’s alternator. This means that when the alternator’s electrical voltage is low, the battery to battery charger increases the voltage. Or vice versa: when the voltage is too high, the battery to battery charger lowers it.

With too much current, the Battery-to-battery charger reduces the current, giving the lithium battery the ideal and safe voltage and current. This has become even more important since the advent of modern Euro 5/6 applications.

We recommend using a “Battery-to-Battery” charger to charge the batteries correctly and safely via the alternator (EURO6).

  • LiFePO4 12V (nominal).
  • 100Ah 25 deg C Lithium Deep cycle
  • Maximum continuous charge rate 0.5C = 50A
  • Maximum continuous discharge rate 1C =100A
  • Intermittent discharge rate is 200A for 30 seconds
  • Battery must be safely charged within units parameters
  • Max charge V=14.8V, Recommended =14.6V, Float V=13.8V
  • Cut off voltage 10V / cutoff temperature 50 deg C
  • Charge Curve style  CC/CV
  • Operational temperature -30 to 60 deg C
  • internal consumption: Operational = 10mA, Dormant 0.1mA


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